Running Playlist: By My Side

“I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die! I don’t wanna die-ie-ie!”

A common fear people have when running a 5K is, “Am I running this too hard?” If you’re running a 5K correctly, you are on the edge of redlining the whole time. That means you’re riding that fine line of just barely going too hard if you give a little more effort.

If you were able to peer inside my thoughts while I’m running a 5K race, this is probably what you would hear me repeating over and over again. And listening to this song kind of makes you feel like everyone is singing along.

Upon first listen, The Interrupters will make you think you’re listening to the Distillers or a female version of Rancid. Oddly enough, these guys are on the record label owned by members of Rancid. If you’re into the ska, reggae, punk sound that Rancid used to provide you in your high school years (well, my high school years), you’ll enjoy these guys too.

Run with or without headphones?

My personal preference is to listen to music before my runs, get a good song stuck in my head, and then head out sans headphones. I find that I would rather be alone with my thoughts for my runs than have music in my ears. Also, running in the city means I need to be aware of drivers, cyclists, and other distractions that may be out on the running paths.

Just because you don’t listen to music while during your run doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from the “energy bands” that I recommend.

“One study found that listening to high-tempo music during a 10-minute warm-up led to better performance in high-intensity exercise, even when there’s no music playing during the exercise itself.” –

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