Running Playlist: ADT

Tap Tap your feet, to your heartbeat!

There’s something about this song that makes me happy and puts me into a good rhythm when I’m out for a run. If you’re looking to get that heartbeat going, give this song a try for your next run.

Fake Problems sadly broke up after this album was released, but I would recommend the whole album as well. They always kind of gave me a vibe similar to bands like Hot Hot Heat, The Hives, Hockey, or The Fratellis. ADT is one of my favorites by them, but definitely also check out the entire album “Real Ghosts Caught on Tape.

Run with or without headphones?

My personal preference is to listen to music before my runs, get a good song stuck in my head, and then head out sans headphones. I find that I would rather be alone with my thoughts for my runs than have music in my ears. Also, running in the city means I need to be aware of drivers, cyclists, and other distractions that may be out on the running paths.

Just because you don’t listen to music while during your run doesn’t mean you still can’t benefit from the “energy bands” that I recommend.

“One study found that listening to high-tempo music during a 10-minute warm-up led to better performance in high-intensity exercise, even when there‚Äôs no music playing during the exercise itself.” –

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